Legal Scholarship 2016

– Prize: $1,000 –

Downard & Associates have a great offer for those students wishing to pursue a career in law.  All applicants for this program should be actively pursuing or enrolled in a law program at their college or university. A high school diploma must be currently held, or soon be held to be accepted into this program. The GPA requirement for this program, for high school or College/University, is a 3.0.

What degrees qualify to receive this scholarship? Paralegal, Pre-Law, Legal Assisting and Juris Doctor

Who can apply for this? High school seniors set to begin college or university for a pre-law related program, or any student that is currently enrolled in college and pursuing same.

What is the submission deadline? All corresponding materials for application must be submitted no later than July 15, 2016. Applications submitted after this date will not be considered.

When will you know if you were selected?  Winners will be selected by August 15, 2016. If an applicant was not chosen, then they will not receive notification from Downard & Associates. 

Requirements for this program:

  • The Applicant must be actively pursuing a law related degree
  • Must have earned a high school diploma or GED
  • Applicant must currently hold a 3.0 or higher overall GPA
  • Applicant must also be a U.S. citizen

Applicant for The Program Must Provide the Following Documentation via Email:

Unofficial Transcript for preliminary screening, Downard & Associates asks that you submit an unofficial transcript from your most recent school. Our team will review your unofficial transcript in order to decide whether or not you have met the requirements to be a winner. Once decided, Downard & Associates will ask you to email an official, unopened transcript. This will be used in order to validate the information provided by the unofficial, and that you meet all of the requirements. DO NOT SEND THE OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTS FIRST.

EXAMPLES of Proof of Current Enrollment: Enrollment verification letter, acceptance letter, course registration for upcoming semester, etc.

Intro: Approx. 200 Words. Tell us about more about yourself! Why is it that you are applying for this scholarship in particular? What are your current/future goals? Please be creative and original. Include interesting facts, or even a picture! Downard & Associates wants to know why you should be the next winner!

Short essay: In 300-600 words, CHOOSE ONE of the following:

  1. How do you plan to use your degree to make an impact on the world?
  2. If you could change a law, which would it be and why?
  3. What motivated you to pursue a career in law?
  4. What recently publicized verdict, settlement, or case that you were following didn’t end how you had hoped? How would you go about changing it if you had the opportunity?

Deadline & Submission Information

All applications must be completed and submitted no later than the above deadline of July 15, 2016. NO EXCEPTIONS. Click to Download: 2016 Scholarship Application & Survey All applications and any questions should be EMAILED to our Scholarship Manager:

Disclaimer: By submitting this scholarship application to Downard & Associates, you agree to use the scholarship ONLY for education purposes (tuition and or related expenses such as school supplies, books, etc.) Submitting your application for this scholarship gives Downard & Associates permission to use your Introduction and/or your Short Essay for the firm’s various marketing platforms, which is including but not limited to: blogs, social media accounts, and websites. The information provided on the survey may be pulled for anonymous statistics. We will NOT ask to share information included on your application form, as that information is considered confidential.