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Nashville Bankruptcy Lawyers

We’ve helped thousands of clients and won millions of dollars for the injured and disabled. We can’t ignore the fact that many of our clients struggle with unpaid bills, foreclosure, garnishments, medical bills, lawsuits and the constant barrage of collection agencies calling them.

We are now offering bankruptcy services to stop the credit collectors and give you peace-of-mind and most importantly the time you need to get caught up.

Our experienced team has more than 24 years collective bankruptcy experience. We offer a FREE, no obligation, PRIVATE consultation with our experienced professionals, Call (615)255-4307 to set up an appointment.

Our Bankruptcy Team Is Local and Experienced in Tennessee Law

We live here and we work here. Don’t be fooled by out-of-town lawyers, who are looking to make a quick profit at your expense. We offer personalized service and will meet with you to talk about your problems. We’ll help you decide the best course of action to take.

Your Privacy is important to us. We respect your rights and know that sometimes, bad things happen to good people. We are here to work with you and help you come out of this problem as strong and independent as possible.

Nashville Personal Injury Lawyers

If you or your loved one has been injured or hurt in an accident, let Downard & Associates, Nashville Personal Injury Lawyers, help you get the settlement you deserve. Demand Justice, Demand Downard!

The Nashville Personal Injury Attorneys at Downard & Associates have helped 1000’s of clients WIN their personal injury cases across the state of Tennessee. Downard and Associates has won Millions of Dollars for our clients.

Our skilled team of personal injury attorneys have more than 50 Years experience in Personal Injury, Car Accidents, Truck Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents, Veterans Benefits, Workers’ Compensation, and both Prescription and Over-the-Counter Drug Injuries. Downard & Associates is based out of Nashville, Tennessee, with offices conveniently located in the cities of Goodlettsville,  Jackson, and Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Don’t let time run out! There is a Time Limit to file your personal injury case. Call today for your Free Consultation, 888-DOWNARD.

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Cases We Handle – Practice Areas

Bankruptcy and Debt Relief

Bankruptcy, Chapter 7, Chapter 13, Bankruptcy Discharge and more

Car Accidents &
Motorcycle Accidents

Car accident injuries and consequences deserve justice, Demand Downard.

Personal Injury &
Work Injuries

Personal Injury, Catastrophic Injury, Work Injuries, and Premises Liability

Social Security
Disability / SSI

Social Security Disability, Veteran’s Benefits, Supplemental Security Income SSI

Tractor Trailer &
Truck Accidents

Commercial Trucking Accident Injury & Tractor-Trailer Accident Injury

Downard & Associates personal injury attorneys may be able to help you obtain compensation for:

Medical Bills
Property Damage
Lost Wages
Pain and Suffering
Medical Costs for Ongoing Injuries

Don’t do it by yourself.

Battling insurance companies alone is risky and could result in a very small monetary award compared to what you may be entitled to. We are here to help.

Before You Accept Any Offer, Call Downard & Associates for a FREE Consultation!

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Offices in Goodlettsville, Chattanooga and Jackson.

Tennessee Bankruptcy Attorneys

Personal Injury Help When It Counts

IMPORTANT NOTICE: There is a time limit to file your case. Do not delay. If the statute of limitations runs out, you will not be able to file your case and you will not be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Let Downard & Associates put the expertise of their Nashville Personal Injury Lawyers to work for you battling insurance companies and fighting to get the full compensation you deserve, while you focus on getting your life put together. We only get paid if we are successful in recovering monetary damages in your case. If we don’t win your case, you don’t owe us anything.

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